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The above image shows an example rota with the pre-booked home Responder slots filled in.

The blank spaces are for office responders to fill in as and when they are able.

The online version of the rota is available from our What’s App group.

The empty slots are allowing as many different responders as possible to do Service, currently we have 136 office responders any of which can put their name down in one of the empty slots.

The Rota Organiser will look at the following week on the rota, on a Sunday, and add the names on the auto divert system.

Any vacant slots will be posted on the What’s app group asking responders to fill these slots.

The rota will be updated accordingly.

The responder who is first on shift for any given day will text out reminders to all those responding the following day.

The phone line will auto divert according to the schedule.