Calling all Home Responders

Home Response Call Log Procedure

Firstly, many thanks for your continued Service helping to provide a 24 hour helpline. Some of you have been doing duty since the dawn of time and others just for a week or two. We are grateful to you all.

As you may know the Western Service Office is funded by Avon South and Avon North Intergroups. Periodically, WSO is required by them and the Fellowship as a whole to provide information relating to the calls we receive. In recent years we have been quite remiss in carrying this out effectively.

In order for the committee to provide what is required of us, we would like you follow the same procedure as office responders by recording details of the nature of the calls you receive (or the absence of calls in some cases) and for you to email this information to the Vice Chair, currently Tracey Dwan.

At the end of each of your shifts please would you email (  with the information detailed below.

The details you need to provide are;

The date (and no calls if there has been no activity)

If you have received calls record (for each call) the;

Time of call
First name of caller
Area (either Bristol of Other)
Nature of the call (This can be as brief as; 12 step request, AA meeting enquiry, requesting info about AA etc.)
Action taken or to be taken

This information will also help us to monitor the service we provide and its effectiveness.

So we can be sure you have read and fully understood this communication please could you reply back to confirming you are able to comply with these guidelines. Should you have any related questions please include them in your communication. Many thanks for your cooperation with this matter.

Kind regards

Brand D
Chair WSO

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Home Responder Call Log