The Western Service Office Committee is made up of the following Service Positions: 


Vice Chairperson



Office Manager

Rota Organisers x 3


Service positions requires two years sobriety and are for a three year term.


The Chair and Treasurer positions must be ratified by both Avon South and Avon North Intergroups


Others who sit on the Committee but are Intergroup Positions:


Electronic Communication Liaison Officer

Telephone Liaison Officers x 2


Others who sit on the Committee but are Regional Positions:


Regional Telephone Liaison Officer






Chair Committee meetings

Convene and Chair sub committees as appropriate

Ensure actions from previous minutes are completed

Monitor activities of the office, and make executive decisions should they arise

Oversee the updating of the guidelines as appropriate

Give a quarterly report to WSO Committee

Liaise with Vice Chair and Secretary as appropriate



Vice Chairperson


To support the Chair completing the roles and responsibilities above

To chair the meetings in the absence of the Chair

To support and chair subcommittees as appropriate

Give a quarterly report to WSO Committee




To attend and produce minutes of WSO main meetings and possibly sub committees

To distribute said minutes in a timely fashion

To maintain a list of Committee members and contact details for correspondence

To keep records and documents of the office lease for safekeeping

Give a quarterly report to WSO committee




To attend quarterly meetings of WSO committee

Maintain accurate records of WSO income and expenditure

Prepare and annual budget

Give a quarterly report to WSO Committee


Office Manager


Ensure the Office is kept clean & tidy

Keep stocks of stationery items up together

Replenish Tea, Coffee, Sugar as required

Collect Mail from PO Box

Print and post on notice boards updated Committee contact lists

Ensure additions/changes to Meetings are written up and placed in the outbox

for collection by the WTF Officer – Update the A3 Office copy

Keep printed stocks of literature pack sheets up to date

Keep blank log sheets up to date, transfer past months to archive folder

Keep printer topped up with A3 and A4 paper 

Give a quarterly report to WSO Committee


Rota Organiser


Ensure all slots are covered to provide the service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ensure that responders are sponsored and paneled in appropriately.

Ensure home responders have access to the latest twelfth step document pack.  

Give a quarterly report to WSO Committee.


Data Organiser

Ensure information received at the Office and via GSR’s, Officers and Members, is dealt with in a timely manner. 

This is likely to be:

12 step lists submissions (its not data organisers job to chase groups for this data)

Committee Members Names & contact info – (Inter-groups as well as wso)

WTF updates

Print reports and keep the electronic and paper copies of all records up to date.

Store documents on the server and liaise with the Archivist’s, as to find if they want any printed for their archive. Liaise with ECLO as to which documents are to be available on-line.