GDPR Members Privacy Notice


Personal data protection regulations updates issued under the EU and referred to as:

GDPR – ‘General Data Protection Regs’  

We are required to make you aware of the data we hold about you and what we use the data for.

The data we collect is stored on a secured server situated at the Telephone Office and backed up on a hosted web and data server.

It is presented to those using it in electronic format. We also use printouts at the Office and to Home Responder’s with no electronic communication devices. (currently two responders)

We Collect the following information about you:

  • First Name & Initial
  • Surname (voluntary)
  • Contact Number / Numbers
  • Area Code (first part of your post code)
  • Email address (for newsletters and GSR info)
  • Gender

We also collect the following data for Members in Service:

  • Transport (do you have a car?)
  • Available (times you can do service)
  • Area (what area / areas of Bristol can you cover for 12 stepping)
  • Inter-Group Service Role 
  • Telephone Responder (home / office)
  • Group Contact (GSR)
  • Contact Name on WTF

This personal data is private and never given out to anyone.

It is used only to facilitate 12 step calls and to disseminate Inter-Group minutes and other important communications.

If you are engaged in telephone duty, your data is entered into service rota sheets and is stored as a Service history. Three years data is held before deletion. The printed rota sheets are shredded to the same time periods.         

Please use the GDPR Acceptance form GDPR Form

You will be asked to confirm that you are happy for us to store your personal data, and use it only for the purposes of 12 step work. 

Select your option from the drop box.

The full policy document is available online at:


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