The Bristol 24 x 7 Helpline Service is run from a small Office in the heart of Bristol. It was first introduced in 1973. Over the years it has developed it’s Services.

The ‘Primary Purpose’ of the Service is to help the still suffering Alcoholic, via the telephone.

The ‘National Helpline’ number is toll free to all phones, this will connect the caller to the local number, based on the geographical location of the caller.

There is a network of fifty or so local Helpline numbers, that are associated with the National number; these numbers may also be listed in local telephone directories but are not toll free.

The Office has a PO Box number an email address a website and an enquiry line, for Members and General Enquiries.

Professionals and Agencies, dealing with alcoholism, are welcome to call for assistance in helping their patients, who may not be aware of AA or what it has to offer.

A free resource available to anyone with a desire to stop drinking.