Inter-Group Vacancies

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Assembly Service Role   Notes
ANIG Public Information Liaison   Vacant
ANIG Employment Liaison     Proposed 
ANIG Armed Services Liaison   Vacant
ANIG Regional Representative   Vacant
ANIG Service Coordinator   Vacant
ANIG Share Magazine Liaison   Vacant


ASIG Prison Liaison   Officer Elected 24th Feb
ASIG Probation Liaison   Vacant
ASIG Employment Liaison   Vacant
ASIG Armed Services Liaison   Officer Elected 24th Feb
ASIG Treatment Centre Liaison   Officer Elected 24th Feb
ASIG Police Liaison   Vacant
ASIG Regional Representative (2)   Vacant
ASIG Telephone Liaison   Vacant


WSO Chairperson   Vacant
WSO Vice Chairperson   Vacant
WSO Home Rota Organiser   Vacant
WSO Data Organiser   Vacant
Inter-Group Vacancies