Office Administrator

A commitment of about 5 hours per week.

A good insight into the way the Office works is essential, and so it is suggested that you include the work of Admin, when attending the Office as a responder.

Essential regular tasks:

Keeping the place clean

tidy & emptying the waste bin & vacuuming the carpet.

Water the plants

Clean the phone handsets, Smartphone, screen keyboard & mouse using anti- bac wipes.

(Cardboard can be disposed of on a Friday morning early (9am) cage is left for collection by cycle rack)

Shredding old documents.

This waste can be bulky and best disposed of in small quantities with the other general waste.

Waste bins are available weekdays at the entrance to the market lanes

(wheelie bins marked “general waste”)

A weekly check on the stocks of:




cleaning items

stationery –  ensure the printer is loaded with A3 & A4 printer paper.

Desirable skills and tasks

Computer literate:

Training on the computer will be given if necessary.

Updating information, onto the database. In order to satisfactorily fulfil Our Primary Purpose.

Printing out updated information for posting on the wall and in the phone book:

Lists include:

Committee lists

Crisis list

Service Officer lists

Inter-group contacts

Foreign language 12 steppers

Other area helpline numbers

Other area WTF’s

Telephone Sponsors

Telephone Panellists

Keep stocks of Literature pack documents (5 sheets) topped up; printing out as necessary.

Print Log Sheets as required, remove past months sheets from the log book and place into the archive folder. 

Check suggestions book and respond if appropriate (sign your name)

Updating and printing of the A3 Office Copy WTF with changes as they are reported,

Ensuring these changes are also noted on the WTF update forms and placed into the outbox. These will to collected by the WTF officer.

Collect the mail from the PO Box

(call the post depot first to check if there is mail)

0117 941 4853 and ask for PO box 42

(Red card needed to authorise collection)