Patchway Living Sober – Thursday’s at 19:00 Needs Support

A recently setup Meeting, it attracts newcomers from the area and is self supporting.

However it needs Members to join the meeting and commit to Service posts.
One of the founder Members is moving out of the area, and consequently the meeting is in danger of closure.

Below is a post from one of the group founders…….. 






BS34 5TF


Patchway meeting is going well but is in need of more members of the fellowship with a length of sobriety to set up a full group committee.

Patchway is a meeting with many attending for the first time and coming back on a regular basis.

As a main group member and due in mid to late January to move to Devon to take on full time care to my elderly mother, I fear that this meeting will close due to a lack of members of the fellowship.

Newcomers that attend come from the Patchway, Bradley Stoke and Little Stoke areas and I fear these newcomers will lapse without the meeting at Patchway.

I would ask members of the fellowship to support this meeting and to carry the message to new comers.

We have a good venue and with plenty of parking.

Please don’t let a meeting that supports newcomers close


Andy S