Bristol AA Professionals Day 2019 (PD 2019) – Update for Intergroup Officers

Circulation List:

All GSR and LO from ASIG and ANIG Overview

  • PD2019 for Alcoholics Anonymous – Bristol (Avon North and South) is scheduled to take place on Friday 8 November at The Fire Station (and Kitchen) – Central Bristol
  • We are aiming for 90-100 delegates and a usual mix of AA and Non-AA


  • The chairs of ANIG and ASIG [and other key officers from both intergroups] constitute an Executive Committee with governance over the organisation of the event


  • A small PD Committee (of 4 members) has been tasked with delivering the event


Purpose of Note


  1. To introduce and raise awareness of the event at Intergroup level and in the wider Bristol AA fellowship more generally;
  2. To invite all GSRs and LOs to nominate delegates to attend the event; and


  1. To provide advance warning that we will require 13/15 members of AA to be selected from the intergroups to help host and facilitate the

The concept for the event is –


Through an evolving lens a 20:20 vision for alcoholism …. Collaborating towards a new perspective

Problem Alcoholism is an equal opportunities illness. It can affect anyone irrespective of their circumstances or background. Acknowledging this openly in public, in workplaces, in family homes and in relationships has been stigmatised for decades.

Alcoholism results in tangible and intangible social and economic harms. It causes health problems (physical and mental), is a factor in domestic violence, reduced performance at work and is a contributory factor in family and social breakdown.


Everyone at this PD2019 will have been impacted directly or indirectly by the effects of alcoholism.


Opportunity Society’s perception toward alcohol/alcoholism is evolving rapidly. There is an increasing awareness and acceptance of the ‘problem’, the need for openness and to widen access to proven solutions and collective experience of successful recovery.


Recovery is about change, growing our relationships with ourselves, with others and connecting with something bigger than ourselves. Through change we can deliver more than our own potential.

Through collective inspiration and collaboration, together we have an opportunity to reinvigorate the message of recovery and provide access to help, support and a toolbox so that those suffering with alcoholism can begin to shape new perspective, new paths and change the worlds they live in.


Bristol AA Professionals Day – PD 2019 – call to action – PD 2019 is not simply forum to deliver an AA message. It is an attempt by AA to create an environment for collaboration, to  shape messages together, agree integrated actions and increase the momentum of change. Together, that is the opportunity.




The event will be invite only and the delegates will come from a range of organisations. We are utilising previous year’s guests list to approach people and organisations and to compile an invite list.

The final invitee list will close no later than 23 April (after Easter) and we will by Friday 26 April have communicated with the invitees in the form of a ‘Save the Date’ invite message.

If you have any suggestions for Delegates please write to –


or contact one of the PD Committee Members below.


Any nominations for delegates must be made by 21 April 2019


We plan the following mix of speakers


2 AA fellowship speakers – 1 from each Intergroup. 1 speaker to be in the 2-4 yr sobriety range and the other in the 7-9 range.

1 AA – Non-Alcoholic Trustee


1 Speaker – Health – Health LOs to nominate some options + Sandi’s recommendations


1 Speaker – Treatment/front line services – Broadway Lodge have accepted and can cover the treatment funding landscape – delegates from DHI etc. will be invited

1 Speaker – private sector employment – Employment LO to nominate + Sandi’s and Richie’s recommendations



1 Speaker – Other bodies – Police / Probation / Schools + Sandi’s recommendation


Total 6 speakers max



Creative thinking


We are operating a Mystery Box concept to capture new ideas or ideas that have been used in the past that will be updated for PD2019. Examples include:

Quiz – this has been used before and can be left on tables at lunchtime to help discussion/table participation. Results can be left to the end with a prize so delegates stay!

Speaker Casts – each speaker organisation will be invited to supply a short ‘pitch’ about themselves profiling their organisation. This will be included in delegate pack (probably on the PD2019 Event CD.

Intergroup Podcasts – 1 min podcasts from Ex Com/each of the LOs (perhaps jointly across Av Nth and Av Sth) explaining the work they do. This helps spread the message as to the work undertaken and gives a local feel to PD2019 too.

AA videos – If there are any National videos of importance they can be included on the PD2019 Event CD

Delegate packs – the design and format are TBC but Sandi provided an example of one used previously which is a professional looking template to work from.

Alcohol awareness week crossover – Given that awareness week follows later in November we might consider how we leverage PD2019.



This is your event so please participate and help us identify suitable delegates. Please also save the date and await a tap on the shoulder or self-select to help on the day. Feedback from Intergroups and the wider Bristol AA fellowship is very welcome.

PD Committee 5 April 2019


Nigel B (AS Public Information LO and GSR Ebby)


Vacant post (AS)


James M (AN Treatment Centre LO and GSR As Bill Sees It)


Matt W (AN Employment LO)

PD Committee

Title Address Description Directions
Professionals Day
1 Bridewell St, Bristol BS1 2QD, UK

Fire Station & Kitchen
8th Nov 2019
09:00 – 16:00