Share Magazine

Share Magazine


please download and print some copies for you home group 


Share magazines are a vital source of literature for those in recovery, especially for those who don’t have access to the internet or who may find it difficult getting to meetings.

We can put these in our bags to read on our travels, by the side of our beds to ensure we stay connected especially in isolation.

Share magazines subscriptions costs are just, £12 a year for a copy, each month, which would be sent to you or your group.

These could also be gifted to someone else you may wish to purchase for, whether for an individual or other group settings, such as hostels, Rehabs, Prisons, or hospitals.

Share magazines are important for group subscriptions as these can be purchased by the group regulars, visitors or newcomers.

Share calendars and diaries are also available to purchase via the share magazine


The revenue of the share magazine contributes to GSO funds needed that are used to carry our message of recovery in the UK and in 3rd world countries.

Personal stories of recovery are always needed for our fellowship magazine.

So please submit your story to help reach others, and to identify with you, through our magazine.


Speak to your intergroup share rep for more information or write to share rep at GSO 10 Toft Green York Y01 7NJ or email

Yours in the fellowship



Regional Share Rep (south midlands)

Share Magazine