Telephone Responders

Western Service Office are looking for new recruits to train as Office Responders.

If you are interested in doing Service at this essential AA service. You will be helping still suffering Alcoholics from all over the country find their way into the Fellowship.

If you have heard that nothing much happens on the phones or in the office, you have been listening to the wrong conversations.

Here are the facts: 

The new ‘BT Cloud Voice’ service, saves us money on phone lines and calls because it works over the internet, it also logs all calls received if they are answered or missed; and has been in operation since November 21st 2019  

From January 1st 2020 to January 31st 2020 we received 394 calls.

So apart from ‘our primary purpose’ of answering the phones, Responders are also:

Helping Members find info on Meetings and connecting them with other Members.

Informing the Fellowship via WTF liaison of Meeting changes.

Assisting in WTF and Flyer distribution.

Taking notifications of important issues such as Meeting closures.

Posting out our own printed version of the ‘Who Me Pack’ to alcoholics and Al-anon callers, desperate to encourage a loved one into take action.

Booking the back room for Group steering meetings and 12 step sponsoring.


For more information on changes to the office – Please use the link below:

Telephone Service

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Telephone Responders