The ‘Telephone Office’

The Bristol Telephone Help Line Service is run from an Office in the heart of the City.

Jointly funded by the two inter-groups, It acts as the information hub for both inter-groups and Services in the Bristol Area. 

A Committee was created to run Office

The original name was ‘Western Service Office’ however when Somerset Inter-Group joined the service, it was re-named ‘Avon & Somerset Telephone Service’ Following Somerset’s move to Dorset, the original name was re-established.    

WSO provides the following Services:

The Bristol 24hr Helpline Service, which is Our Primary Purpose, carrying the message to the still suffering Alcoholic, via the telephone.  

Twelfth Step lists: Updates and collation of information from Group GSR’s

Foreign Language Speaker 12 Step lists: received from GSO 

Other Organisations phone numbers

AA directory of Help Line Numbers

The above documents are exclusively for Office and Home Responders use.


The collation of WTF changes received by the Office and passed on to the WTF Officer.

Printing of the WTF and PID version, as required. 

WTF distribution centre.

‘Who Me’ style document printing and assembling into envelopes for Callers requesting AA information.

Bulk printing of the ‘Who Me’ packs as ordered by the Health Team.

Bookable Meeting venue, in the second room.

(Ideal for: Group steering and sub Committee Meetings)

Display stands & paraphernalia for Conventions, Workshops and Events.

Hospitality equipment store.

Avon North & Regional Document Archive.

Office Document Cloud File Server

Officer & GSR Email Server

Joint Inter-Group Web Site


Did you Know?

The Phone Service provides opportunities to any Member with one year continuous sobriety, as a Phone Responder and two years as an Officers of the Committee.

Thirteen Home Responder shifts and fifteen Office slots per week.

Shared by the 143 active Responders.

On a fixed shift basis for Home Responding.

A flexible: ‘Put your name on the rota’ basis, for Office Responding.