International Convention of Young People in AA



ICYPAA was founded in 1958 for the purpose of providing a setting for an annual celebration of sobriety among young people in Alcoholics Anonymous.


It’s a weekend event that occurs once per year and consists of panels, workshops, and speaker meetings where recovering alcoholics can share their experience about getting and staying sober.


Attendees of all ages come from across the globe to experience this truly remarkable gathering.

ICYPAA takes place in a different city each year.


The location of ICYPAA is determined through a bidding process, where young AA members organize local committees to bring ICYPAA to their city.


Over the 50+ years of ICYPAA’s existence, a network of local committees has sprung up in cities where ICYPAA has been or may go.


This informal network collaborates actively to help young alcoholics find recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous.



The response from Conference in 2013

regarding action to encourage Young People into AA……

YPAA (Young Pepole in AA)

Committee 2 at Conference 2013

The following recommendations in response to questions about young people in AA.

• Young people should be warmly welcomed into AA.

• Young People are encouraged through sponsorship to be active members of the Fellowship.

• The Service Structure may seek to encourage and cooperate with Young People’s Conventions.

• The Electronic Communications Sub Committee (ECSC) looks at appropriate apps and social media as a possible means of attracting young people to AA.

• Young people are encouraged, wherever possible, to carry the message at PI events in education, young offenders institutions etc.

• A young person (YP) status is highlighted on the 12th Step list

• The “Too Young” poster be updated with input from younger members.

• Intergroups and Regions may, where appropriate, appoint a Young Person’s Liaison Officer.


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